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2013-06-02 at 15:56

Fort farm fun

By Jamie Smith,
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Spring has arrived at a local historic site.

Fort William Historical Park celebrated Spring on the Farm Sunday, opening up its barnyard to the community. Jasmine Ouellette said everything about the event was exciting.

“I saw a black cat and I saw some sheep. I saw a big white chicken and also I coloured,” she said while petting some baby chicks. “It’s even going to get better because we’re going to go on another ride.”

Oullette also took home two prizes from games and activities the fort had on tap like Lucky Duck Pluck and Frogs on Logs.

Gord McLean and his family had just arrived at the park Sunday but his two kids had already started petting the baby chicks, one of the farm’s star attractions. McLean said it was a perfect day to get the kids outside for some fresh air.

“And to come see one of the great wonders of Thunder Bay,” he said.

“It’s a great interaction between the kids and all the animals to let them see what’s happening.”

No one from Fort William Historical Park was available for comment.

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