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Street Views - Street Views with Jeff Labine
2013-04-18 at 11:13

Has a casino helped the city cash in?

Is the OLG casino a positive part of this city’s downtown?

It’s a question that is asked from time to time, and now with Toronto debating the existence of a casino in that city, the question is coming up again.

But the debate has a slight twist this time around. If the City of Toronto does move forward with its casino plans, the province’s capital may not get the standard formula for hosting fees. Instead, Toronto could receive anywhere between $50 to $100 million from the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission, which is about double what other casinos receive now.

Is this fair? Should the negotiations in Toronto lead to new negotiations in Thunder Bay? Is the casino worth the hosting fees we receive now?

Street Views host Jeff Labine asks these questions and more in this month’s episode.


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