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2010-07-21 at 11:30


The Canadian Press
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LAMBERT ISLAND, Ont. - A young bear on a nearby island has a large plastic jar stuck to its head, making it impossible for the animal to eat or drink.

Ontario's Ministry of Natural Resources says it has been trying to catch the bear since Tuesday night with no luck.

Rob Paterson snapped a photo of the animal as it wandered onto the deck of his summer home on Lambert Island.

Paterson says he's tried to isolate the bear without success.

He says local residents feel sorry for the bear and their first reaction is to help the animal.

They then realize it would not be a good idea to approach a bear.

"We've made every attempt so far to try to corral him or trap him or dart him, but he's very elusive," Paterson said in a telephone interview.

The bear is in this predicament because someone didn't do a proper job of recycling the jar in the first place, he added.

"Animals get into trouble when we don't do things the way we should do them," he said.

"Sadly, we've put this animal in harm's way with not discarding recyclable materials properly."

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renegade says:
it's too bad people do not respect the enviroment they, and we all have to live in, and enjoy! my boys's knew at a young age that the only thing you leave is your tracks, and sometimes not even that!! they are 10 yrs. old now and still know this and i hope if i have done a good job, they always will. although i've killed alot of animals over the years(only for a purpose,ie;hunting and trapping), i respect the enviroment,where-ever it is that i am, and have alot more respect for animals than i do for alot of people,especially those that are so inconsiderate.
7/21/2010 12:15:22 PM
young-citizen says:
for the time it took to write and publish this article that bear surely could have been caught and saved they have no problem sending sometimes half a dozen police cruisers and animal control when there is a bear in city limits but when its harmless to us and only hurting its self ...well that’s a different story.
7/21/2010 3:07:59 PM
collie says:
If it can be caught on video and photographed !
Honestly 2 weeks! This is criminal, follow the bear use a cell phone and call MNR to come and tranqualize it. SHEESH MNR should be staying out there in general area to catch it, hang out by the dump, patrol around recent siting sounds like heading towards town. Nailed it young-citizen
7/21/2010 9:40:12 PM
The Wolf says:
young-citizen - have you ever hunted or even tried find/follow/track an animal in a bush? Didn't think so.
7/21/2010 10:06:37 PM
irmy says:
Is this not close enough to dart the bear?
7/21/2010 10:57:20 PM
tsb says:
Yeah, because some guy who took a photo of a bear on his deck also has a dartgun ready. Think, people.
7/22/2010 12:56:09 AM
glock9 says:
Looks like smokey's wearing a space helmet
7/22/2010 7:57:41 AM
Spectre says:
Wolf, I hunt/found/followed/tracked animals in the bush and they didn't have a jar on their head impairing their vision. Hopefully they can get it off soon if they haven't already, from the picture the bear already looks pretty skinny...
7/22/2010 10:28:19 AM
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