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2013-05-10 at 11:48

LETTER: Heftier charge warranted

Ron Kanutski, Thunder Bay
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To the editor:

In relation to somebody stringing fishing line (pending line strength) on a bike path, the charge should be something more than mischief.

This could have caused serious injury and there should be something in relation to “intent to cause bodily harm.” Somebody could have been seriously hurt. This individual had intention to hurt somebody if he set it at neck height.

This individual had a plan to randomly hurt someone.


Ron Kanutski,
Thunder Bay

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conker2012 says:
Way to beat a dead horse.

This should never have been posted. This topic has been commented and debated several times.

This is a simple argument at this point, was somebody hurt? No. Had somebody been hurt should more severe changes be placed? Yes. End of story.

What you are asking for would be like charging a drunk driver with attempted manslaughter if never even leaves the bar parking lot. This mischief charge suites the crime and I doubt this goof will ever do this again. If we had things your way we would be lining up J-walkers at the firing squad. Get a life and move on!
5/10/2013 12:54:35 PM
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