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2013-05-10 at 11:53

LETTER: Cut out the lights

Victoria Riddell, Thunder Bay
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To the editor:

Just what the city of Thunder Bay needs: more traffic lights. So now when I leave my home in the Northwood area and travel to Thunder Bay Regional, which is normally a 10-minute drive, I will have to go through five sets of traffic lights.

Five, count them five, in a 10 minute drive. Instead of traffic lights, how about no left turns from Central Avenue onto Golf Links Road and while construction is happening anyway, place a turning lane in for residents to turn left from Golf Links Road to Central Avenue. Just a thought.


Victoria Riddell,
Thunder Bay

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YellowSnow13 says:
You tell'm Vicky! Welcome to Thunder Bay. Where every corner has a light and it's always RED! You get to spend your day looking at the red light district. The city is a joke!
5/10/2013 1:11:49 PM
TBDR says:
I hit every single green light on the way to work today... you guys just need to leave for work 30 seconds earlier.
5/16/2013 3:53:59 PM
outsidelookingin says:
I guess you should have written to City Engineers and demanded "Victoria Riddle way"... a single lane over-pass from your house to the hospital that no one else can use or cross. Everyone else can be in a smash-up derby below you.
5/11/2013 9:09:36 AM
tsb says:
Downtown, we have traffic lights on every second block.

I'm sorry that properly regulating traffic in this city is such an inconvenience to you. Your life must be really hard! I can't even imagine how frustrating it must be to have to stop for other cars to go by sometimes!
5/11/2013 9:12:19 AM
tbaynorth says:
I totally agree. I have heard that the city infrastructure dept believes in traffic control and not traffic flow. It would do them well to change their perspective and to promote traffic flow by timing traffic lights to create a smooth flow of traffic and remove traffic lights that are unnecessary like Simpson and Victoria.

The smoother flow will decrease the carbon footprint in the city by vehicle idling, and decrease driver frustration which would decrease dangerous driving habits like red light running.
5/11/2013 12:59:14 PM
ForgotMyName says:
But what about the people who don't have a car.... Drivers need to learn how to handle people crossing the street (legally of course), and cyclist who have been forced to 'share the road'...
5/16/2013 7:05:30 AM
mazda323 says:
The first three posters have completely missed the point. Everyone complains about the traffic lights in the city, saying there are far too many. I find five sets in a ten minute drive insane. Between my house and my mother's there are 13. The most I have ever hit green in one trip is four. I think the idea of having no left turns onto Golf Links from Central makes sense. The city needs to start making some intelligent decisions instead of just throwing up a traffic light, especially if it is not going to be syncronized with the others.
5/18/2013 11:42:38 AM
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