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2013-05-31 at 11:10

LETTER: Comments uncalled for

Ellen Mortfield, Executive Director/ Eco Superior
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To the editor:

I was disturbed and disappointed to read the letter from Brian Roberts (Bike Lane Issue) in last week’s paper: disturbed that Roberts would frame his concerns with such a personal attack on Adam Krupper, and disappointed that the editor of this paper provided him with a forum to do so.

I’m not sure why Roberts believes that Adam has the power to singlehandedly determine major changes to the city’s streets.

Adam is an employee of EcoSuperior, a non-profit organization.

He was hired three years ago to implement Thunder Bay’s Active Transportation Plan, a plan conceived and developed with public input as well as expertise from many departments of the city, including engineering and police.

Bicycle lanes are not the brainchild of Adam Krupper, but a forward-thinking and inclusive initiative that has been implemented in cities all over the world.

Adam cannot take credit for all of the positive changes that have resulted from the active transportation plan, and neither should he be allowed to take the brunt of spiteful abuse from people like Roberts.

It is sad that people like Mr. Roberts who have difficulty accepting change see a need to blame an individual for the changes they don’t like, when in fact such change is generally the result of society’s progress. 

Most people recognize that we must get ourselves out of our vehicles and put our own two feet to work more often, before the costs of dealing with health effects of obesity and inactivity bankrupt us. Streets need to be safer for pedestrians and cyclists, as well as drivers. Some compromises and attitude adjustments will undoubtedly be required.

It’s OK for citizens to speak up and voice their concerns. It’s not OK to attack individuals who are doing the job that the community hired them to do. To move this city forward, we need to maintain open and respectful dialogue. Malicious tirades such as Mr. Roberts’ letter have no place in the process and should not be granted space in any public forum.


Ellen  Mortfield,
Executive Director, Eco Superior

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